Today I’m Wearing … Leopard Print

NYC is boiling, it literally feels like we are in LA right now. I even have my AC on. It’s pretty crazy! It meant that I got to get my legs out for the second day in a row – what a treat!! Today I wore a leopard print skater dress from Topshop, it’s very fitted at the top and flares out gently. It’s the perfect cut for me, because unlike my co-bloggers I’m not a bean pole. It really flatters my waist and makes me feel a little bit like Marilyn Monroe, just not blonde or sultry or a good singer (I really can’t sing). Anyway, I paired it it with some great heels from Steve Madden that I bought just at the end of the summer. They’re the perfect fall color, burgundy and are so versatile I can wear them with almost anything. Plus they are so comfy I can walk in them all day. And on days like today, where I ran around NYC all day dropping off clothes for different magazines, it counted. (PS I almost saw Taylor Swift, almost.). Since it was pretty warm I paired it with a light black trench coat which I got from Massimo Dutti. They just opened in New York in October and I seriously recommend everyone check them out! Everything is amazing, an great quality and wearable. Tomorrow is going to be a lot colder, so check back in then for a completely different look. Good night!

Dress: Topshop

Shoes: Steve Madden



What I’m Wearing.. On My Way To Work


Today was warm and nice and I don’t know about you, but when it gets warmer I am way more inspired as what to wear! My motto: always dress according to the season and the weather. I stayed true to my rule in picking a white trench-coat, having the magical power to immediately give some allure and class to any outfit. Another thing which I LOVE wearing when it’s not too cold: ballet flats. I’m an unconditional fan of ballet flats, own like a hundred pair of them as they remain my favorite piece to buy no matter what…ok ok…along with bags I guess.

As I work at CHANEL and that basically everyone there wears CHANEL from head to toe, I kind of felt the need to wear my CHANEL flats today (my favs). ¬†They go perfectly with the Burberry Trenchcoat as both items give the same classy-chic feel. I am also a big adept of burgundy which I believe to be THE color of the season, therefore I used my recently acquired burgundy skinny jeans from Zara to match with the black and violet ballerinas. The preppy black and white shirt reinforces the “smart” aspect of the look, the icing on the cake being obviously the Muse bag which to me is a pure symbol of elegance.