What to Wear.. to a Fashion Interview


What look would you wear to a fashion interview?



One of the most nerve-wracking things that any of us can go through is a job interview. How to act what to say do I smile or laugh or remain serious???!!! Too many things going through our heads, and then on top of that stress is always the big question WHAT DO I WEAR???!! Well, since all three of us at Stylist Cubed are currently working in fashion we decided to give you our favorite interview outfits for job interviews in the fashion industry. All three are so different so in fact you could use all of them for different companies. We got our favorite California girl Mimi to model our looks for us!! Enjoy and vote for your favorite one!

Sasha’s Look

“Style is a simple way of saying complicated things.”

This is a simple, classy and put together look that says, I’m fashionable, chic, up to date, and can run around the city all day. Fashion is not as glam as everyone thinks it is, especially when you work in PR like I do. You are on your feet all day, running around to and from shoots and making sure Grace Coddington has 10 gold bracelets not 8. (LOL). I decided to dress Mimi in an outfit that showed fashion and realism of the job all in one. Peplum waist lines and leather are both huge trends of the moment and so I paired this peplum leather top with simple skinny black jeans for a sleek and modern silhouette. The Office driving boots I selected are great, they are really comfortable, go with everything and have a chunky 3.5″ heel. I decided to add some cute and flirty crystal neon earrings to show some color and personality into the outfit. The statement piece of this look is this AMAZING Burberry trench coat. Perfect length, perfect stone color and perfect leather detailing. It brings the look together, and makes Mimi look cool and polished all at the same time. If you really want to rock a fashion interview this is the perfect look for you!

Photo Dec 07, 4 31 22 PM

Sasha’s look 1

Sasha's look 2

Sasha’s look 2

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Sasha’s look 3

Torpad’s Look

“Wherever you go, make sure you get there in style”

I am in love with my inspiration quote today and I am completely agree with it, especially if you going to an interview at a fashion company. I know it is a fashion world but I don’t want to go overboard like “I just walked out of the runway” (that could wait until you got the job lol) but at the same time, not too formal as well. They need to know who you are and that you actually into fashion. So I give Mimi a grey shirt with flow-ey detailed button-front and instead of putting regular blazer over it, I reach for a white vest with sheer detail instead. Showing a little bit of creativity couldn’t hurt, right? My focal point of this look is definitely the upper part, so I keep it simple on the bottom with black bandage skirt that fit Mimi perfectly. Neutral or black bag is a classic for an interview but with this metal parts, it spices the entire look up a notch. If that’s not enough instead of this black pumps, you could never go wrong with pointy toe heels. Now that you look professionally stylish, it’s time to nail that interview of yours! Wear you best confidence and Good Luck 😉

Torpad's Look 1

Torpad’s Look 1

Torpad's Look 2

Torpad’s Look 2

Torpad's Look 3

Torpad’s Look 3

Anahita’s Look

“A woman can be overdressed but never over elegant”

When looking at Mimi’s look you might think: why would someone be overdressed like this for an interview? Because this is not just ANY interview, this is a fashion interview! And some companies like Dior or Miu-Miu requires their employees to dress up like they are about to go to the fanciest party everyday. When interviewing for those companies, you wanna look your best, which involves showing your knowledge of the brand and if possible, wearing items from brand. In this look, Mimi is elegant, classy and refined. The fashionable detail is of course the gold CHANEL bag, which will be immediately noticed by your interviewer (you would preferably wanna wear it for an interview at CHANEL for example). High heels are mandatory in case of a fashion interview: you want to elongate and refine your silhouette to appear unreachable but smart. And needless to say, in the fashion world, even for an analytical or financial position, physical appearance DO count (sad I know) – so always be aware of this and

Anahita's Look 1

Anahita’s Look 1

Anahita's Look 2

Anahita’s Look 2

Anahita's Look 3

Anahita’s Look 3


What to Wear.. to a Blind/First Date

Samira's look

It’s a date night! What do you see yourselves wearing?


Dating in New York sucks, in fact it doesn’t just suck. It’s the worst. We’ve all met guys in bars who turn out to be hideous and thus have had to resort to blind dates set up by friends or even making an OkCupid account. We’ve been there. And to add to the stress of the whole situation it’s always hard to know what to wear. Casual, dressy, girlie, edgy. We decided to pull together our favorite date looks for you! Samira from Finland was kind enough to model our looks for us! Happy Sunday and we hope one of them works out for you!

Sasha’s Look

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”

My number one rule for going out on dates is never to be too casual, you never know where the night is going to take you! My look for Samira is fun, girlie and a little bit edgy. An outfit than can progress from drinks at a wine bar to a dance party at the Blind Barbour. The over the knee boots and flirty dress are super sexy worn together and I edged it up with a soft and sleek fur gilet and the ultimate accessory any girl can own, a Balmain belt.


Sasha’s look 1


Sasha’s look 2


Sasha’s look 3


Torpad’s Look

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”

Now this one is taking the most of my time to put together but first/blind date always does that to me anyway. Lately, I’m kinda into a masculine style and I hardly wear dress or skirt. So I give Samira a disco pants and a white flow-ey top that would look both casual and semi-hot together. I don’t really want to go over the top for the first time. The plaid blazer will tone down the sleekness of the look and give a little bit of a cool retro vibe, which I love to put here and there. I add the Alexander Wang bucket bag to give her little edge. Then throw in black Hermes heels (which is surprisingly comfy, you can dance all night with that!) and let her long wavy hair goes naturally messy to keep it simple, like “oh! I didn’t even put any effort into this look at all” kinda simple.


Torpad’s look 1


Torpad’s look 2


Torpad’s look 3


Anahita’s Look

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

For a first date always remember not to look overdressed. Your style has to be simple yet polished, without looking like you’ve tried so hard to be hot. Samira is wearing skinny leather pants, giving her a sexy and feminine silhouette. Including some wedge sneakers and an oversized glitter top to the outfit breaks the sexiness brought by the leather pants and gives Samira an edgy feel. The studded headband adds a girly touch to the look and accessorizes perfectly Samira’s long poney-tail. The Balenciaga bag constitutes the ultimate rock & roll piece of the outfit, achieving the exquisite combination of femininity, edginess and sophistication.


Anahita’s look 1


Anahita’s look 2


Anahita’s look 3