How to Wear … An Oversized White Shirt



An oversized white shirt is a sexy addition to any girls’ wardrobe. It looks like you spent the night at your boyfriend’s place and wore it to change up yesterdays’ outfit. Its not only sexy, but also classic and versatile. The problem is that it can sometimes be tough to come up with new and interesting ways to wear it. Most girls wear their favorite oversized white shirt with black leggings and ballet flats or over the knee boots. Cute, but a bit boring and unoriginal. So we decided to come up with three different ways to wear it. Mary from Paris was kind enough to model our looks for us. We love her long reddish brown hair and super long legs! Vote for your favorite look!

Sasha’s Look

“Like a girl gone wild, a good girl gone wild”

Wow, my outfit really looks like an advert for Urban Outfitters! Super unintentional! Although everything from there is so cute and wearable so I’m not that sorry! Anyway, my look for Mary is a bit kinky. The over the knee socks and bralette are pretty racey teamed together, especially with the sky high heels that I put her in! At first I got ALOT of complaints from our lovely but opinionated model. But after a few minutes of checking herself out she realized that she was in the perfect going out outfit. There isn’t actually that much skin on show. The little bit of thigh and tiny midriff make a new and funky way of showing a bit of flesh on a night out. The skirt I chose for this outfit is amazing. Its a super soft velvet, and the round skater shape makes the outfit flirty. I didn’t want to have too much jewelry so chose a statement necklace and a simple watch. Adding an oversized white shirt over the top makes the outfit chilled, with an ‘I don’t really give a **** attitude’. I really feel this is a great way to wear an oversized white shirt. Not many people use this item in their wardrobe as a sexy going out outfit, which is such a waste. Hopefully Mary wears this out soon because she looks awesome!!

Photo Dec 07, 5 04 44 PM

Sasha’s Look 1

Photo Dec 07, 5 07 03 PM

Sasha’s Look 2

Photo Dec 07, 5 06 03 PM

Sasha’s Look 3


Torpad’s Look

“Fashion fade, Style is eternal”

If you see me walking down the street, this is probably what you would see me in. Oversized white shirt is an essential to my wardrobe. I wear it to every place from fancy night out to regular day at work/class and I’ve got tons of them! Here is the simplest version of what I usually wear and I think it looks good on Mary too. I gave her navy printed cropped trouser because navy and white always look classy together. To pop some color into the outfit, I add orange lip, orange clutches and orange heels. Man! that’s a lot of orange. You could go by without any accessory and let the shirt be the centered-piece but today I don’t want it to be lonely so I give it a metal necklace as a company. Now we could grab coffee, go for a walk in the park, or just chill with my special guest model “Milo” the cat. Isn’t he so cute in this pic?????

white oversized shirt

Torpad’s Look 1

Photo Dec 07, 5 25 34 PM

Torpad’s Look 2

Tory Burch Clutch

Torpad’s Look 3


Anahita’s Look

“Fashion is not only to make women more beautiful, but also to reassure them, give them confidence”

It’s not because you’re wearing men’s oversized shirt that you cannot be feminine. Through Mary’s style, I wanted to prove this point. Accessorizing the oversized shirt with a black short renders it girly, sexy and smart at the same time – the look being a total throwback to Britney Spears in “Baby One More Time” haha. Privileging nude legs over tights give a provocative feel to the outfit, which is being de-emphasized  by the traditional black waist coat. The beanie renders the overall look more edgy while the  Muse oversized suede bag brings some class to the mix. What I like about this look is that it can be worn on multiple occasions, at work or school with black tights for example, at a party or for a dinner with friends. This look screams sexy & smart while being simple and easy to put together.

Photo Dec 07, 4 35 52 PM

Anahita’s Look 1

Photo Dec 07, 4 36 31 PM

Anahita’s Look 2

Photo Dec 07, 4 36 14 PM

Anahita’s look 3


How to Wear.. a Leather Jacket

Lisha's look

How would you wear a leather jacket?


The ultimate item that any girl can own is the perfect leather jacket. The key to to find one that fits right, is the right thickness and has enough detail on it to make sure you are comfortable wearing it with everything. They go with everything, and can make a casual outfit instantly trendy and cool, and can dress down even the snazziest of dresses.

All three of us wear our leather jackets in different ways, and so we thought it would be fun to show you three distinct and unique ways to wear yours today! Modelling our three looks is Lisha from South Africa, we thought she looked great in all three looks !


Sasha’s Look

“The woman is the most perfect doll that I have dressed with delight and admiration.”

As you have probably noticed from my previous posts, I really do love to dress up. So I took this opportunity to show how a well cut and suitably rock n roll leather jacket can dress down and make a dressy outfit have a cool, downtown vibe to it. Dresses and leather jackets are my favorite combo because I love feeling feminine yet cool and slightly more casual. The jacket which I chose for Lisha to model is a staple in my closet. I got it at Topshop two years ago, and it came with a detachable fur collar which I whip out whenever it gets too chilly. It’s quilted detailing is both chic and biker at the same time and the fit is perfect. Paired with a studded asymmetric dress (this hem line us the way forward – glam, sexy and flirty all in one) and some killer leopard boots, Lisha looks like the kind of girl you see on the street and notice.


Sasha’s look 1


Sasha’s look 2


Sasha’s look 3


Torpad’s Look

“Unique and different is the next generation of beautiful”

I am a die hard fan of leather jacket! It goes well with everything, seriously. If you have a malfunction outfit day, just throw in a leather jacket and you will look so much better. Lisha is one of those people who looks amazing with leather jacket on. I give her a long lace skirt and a white sheer American Apparel top to contrast the rock-and-roll feel of the jacket. Button it all the way up and sneak an edgy knee boots to mix up with the feminine vibe. To make this outfit stand out more, I love to mix some colorful accessory and in this case, it is an ink 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli bag. To reinforce how much I love to contrast different style, I give her a bold red lip and a side pony tail. Who say you can’t be sweet and sexy at the same time! The end result: Lisha is chic effortlessly cool.


Torpad’s look 1


Torpad’s look 2


Torpad’s look 3


Anahita’s Look

“Good girl gone bad”

Lisha has an elongated and androgynous silhouette. To contrast with her pale complexion and strengthen her traits, I decided to go for red top and red lipstick. When you have long and thin legs like Lisha, it’s best to adopt a flared skirt like this leather one from Zara, emphasizing the length of her legs while giving her a playful feel – also reinforced by the braided headband. Here, the leather jacket is used as a personality statement: “I am sexy AND confident!” and goes hand-in-hand with the leather skirt. Nothing works better than studded biker boots and a jumbo CHANEL bag to give a silhouette the perfect rock-chic look.

Photo Dec 01, 3 52 54 PM

Anahita’s look 1

Photo Dec 01, 3 53 19 PM

Anahita’s look 2

Photo Dec 01, 3 53 12 PM

Anahita’s look 3