What to Wear.. to an NYU SCPS Party (Men Version)

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Will we see you in any of these looks at the party?



In collaboration with NYU’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies, we are happy to bring you today a ‘What to Wear’ special post for their annual end of year Holiday Party!! We already, did three great party outfits with our fantastic model Renata, so ladies please check that post out for some great ideas for the party. However, for all the guys out there who don’t want to just wear the same suit over again, we have got three fun and different party outfits for you to take inspiration from! Modeling today, is Glenn from Singapore. We had loads of fun raiding his closet, and picking out three unique looks just for you! Enjoy, and we hope to see you in your best outfits next week!

Sasha’s Look

“Wearing a bow tie is a statement. Almost an act of defiance”

Glenn has a personality, he’s loud and funny and everyone knows who he is. He’s a cool guy but can also be old fashioned at times. His outfit for the NYU SCPS party reflects this. It’s old school vs new school, it’s loud, it’s festive and he’s definitely going to attract a lot of attention (which he’ll love). I’ve paired a deep burgundy velvet blazer and a skinny bow tie with a beanie and black leather sneakers for a current and up to day look on a classicly british cocktail party look. His skinny black trousers and fitted white shirt are the perfect canvases for this combination, and he looks sleek and polished, ready for a night out on the town!


Sasha’s Look 1


Sasha’s Look 2


Sasha’s Look 3

Torpad’s Look

“Dress up your sportswear and dress down your formal wear”

I’ve been wanting to do a makeover for Glenn for ages and now today I finally got the chance! I always see him in sleek with a twist of hipster-ness look. So I want to give him something I’ve never seen him in before. I love to layer different pieces and texture together and I did exactly that for Glenn. Layered him up in formal blazer and sweater is an easy way to tone down any look, yet still stylist. To add to a rustic feel, I throw in the Timberland boots. I want the look to be comfortable, breathable and warmth, so I go with the beige and earthy tone. I know this is for a party, so if you feel like this style is too grudge-y for you, you can change it up with a slim khaki, cut short that would show off your colorful socks or a pair of roll-up jeans. Nothing like earth tones and denim together for a crisp look!


Torpad’s Look 1


Torpad’s Look 2


Torpad’s Look 3

Anahita’s Look

“Fashion is a constant challenge to balance comfort with luxe, the practical with the desirable.”

Glenn is the king of NYU SCPS. He notices everyone and likes to be noticed in return. Kings have to wear studs! Or crowns haha. Glenn has a thin and fit silhouette, therefore using slim cuts for blazers combined with skinny jeans emphasize his body shape and give him a “sculpted” aspect. To dress down the blazer, I decided to use ripped blue skinny jeans. I am a big fan of ripped jeans as they never go out of fashion and can be worn with everything. Styling ripped jeans with a blazer like for Glenn makes them look chic and cool; assorting them with a hoodie or tee-shirt makes them look hipsterish. The white and blue shirt contrasts nicely with the blazer to give Glenn a more casual yet trendy look. The whole idea was for Glenn to look effortlessly chic for the party while standing out from the crowd!


Anahita’s Look 1


Anahita’s Look 2


Anahita’s Look 3


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