Today I’m Wearing.. Studded Biker Boots


Hi everyone! So today is much colder than yesterday, therefore I decided to wear my biker boots! I’ve been wanting studded boots for several months now and finally found the perfect pair in a small boutique 2 weeks ago in Midtown. They are short, super comfy and go with basically everything! I love wearing them with leather pants like today, the leather combination gives a glam-rock overall look which I am a fan of. Studded boots also go perfectly with dresses and skirts, with a preference for flared and baby doll cuts. The boots break the innocent and little girl feel of the flared dress to give a more provocative tone to the outfit. I am looking forward to the spring to wear my studded boots with a white lace dress that I have. The opposition of styles (white lace vs. black studded leather) along with nude legs will create the ultimate balance between sexiness, purity and provocation!


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