Today I’m Wearing.. Fusion of Several Car Coats

coat mm6

I’m in love with Men’s clothes, is that crazy? I’ve been purchasing these menswear a lot lately which is kinda weird because that is not usually the case. My style has changed and transformed A LOT since I intern at 3.1 Phillip Lim. It is amazing how a place where you work has so much influence on you. Ok you might think, “Big deal!” but here is another reason to believe me: I just chopped off my beloved hair that I have been growing since… forever. This is all happens after I start working there. And I’m definitely not complaining.

Ok, enough about that and back to my love at first sight. I walked into H&M one day out of boredom and didn’t really looking to buy anything but something magical happened. It is love at first sight when I laid eyes on this MM6 for H&M coat. I went to the women section but nothing really caught my eyes but when I glided over to men section, this coat is actually screaming my name!!! I love how rustic and retro it looks. The style description on the tag said “Fusion of several car coats”, it is a re-edition of MM6 from various seasons and this one is Spring-Summer 2004. How could I resist that??? I love these little attention to details, it give clothes so much more meaning. This coat is exactly what I’ve been subconsciously looking for: oversized and unique with a vintage element. It can go with basically everything in my closet. But beware! oversized men’s coat is not for everyone, so I suggest trying it on before you swipe your credit card, just to be safe!


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