Today I’m Wearing … Leopard Print

NYC is boiling, it literally feels like we are in LA right now. I even have my AC on. It’s pretty crazy! It meant that I got to get my legs out for the second day in a row – what a treat!! Today I wore a leopard print skater dress from Topshop, it’s very fitted at the top and flares out gently. It’s the perfect cut for me, because unlike my co-bloggers I’m not a bean pole. It really flatters my waist and makes me feel a little bit like Marilyn Monroe, just not blonde or sultry or a good singer (I really can’t sing). Anyway, I paired it it with some great heels from Steve Madden that I bought just at the end of the summer. They’re the perfect fall color, burgundy and are so versatile I can wear them with almost anything. Plus they are so comfy I can walk in them all day. And on days like today, where I ran around NYC all day dropping off clothes for different magazines, it counted. (PS I almost saw Taylor Swift, almost.). Since it was pretty warm I paired it with a light black trench coat which I got from Massimo Dutti. They just opened in New York in October and I seriously recommend everyone check them out! Everything is amazing, an great quality and wearable. Tomorrow is going to be a lot colder, so check back in then for a completely different look. Good night!

Dress: Topshop

Shoes: Steve Madden



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