Today I’m Wearing.. Simple and Masculine

torpad dec3

Before the real Winter comes..

Ok this is exciting and a bit nerve-wracking because Sasha came up with an idea for us 3 to post our own everyday look. So you will be seeing a lot of us this week. It is one thing to dress others but ourself!! hmm.. that’s another level for me but anyhow, i will do my best : )

So what I have on today is just simple pieces that I put together. I love clothes that have a good but unique cut (and a bit masculine). My white Uniqlo shirt is oversized because it’s Mens and I pair it with navy flared 3.1 Phillip Lim shorts that look like a skirt to give some character to the look and not too stiff when I put on my favorite long black Uniqlo coat. The weather is quite nice today, so I can get by with a lighter coat, yayy!! I want to keep it tone down color-wise, so I throw in white 31 Hour bag and a black patented H&M oxford because I want the different texture to stand out from my black tight. Aiming for simple but stylish look, do you guys think I achieve it?


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