Today I’m Wearing.. Statement Headband

Happy Monday everyone! Sasha here! So as Torpad said, we are going to try and upload a photo each day of what we’re wearing to sort of give you an insight into our own personal styles and how they reflect into the outfits we have styled so far, and are going to style in the future! However, unlike Torpad I couldn’t find someone to take a photo of me today! My outfit was pretty simple though, i wore a black skater skirt, a black T and over the knee boots. No tights as it was super warm today so at times I had to ask myself if it was a little slutty or not. Anyway. The main focus of my outfit today was a super cute mermaid-esque headband that my friend Avalonne left at my place a few months ago. It’s been sitting in my apartment feeling lonely, and I felt a bit whimsical today so I decided to give it a day out. Statement headbands are super fun because they can make any simple outfit look fun and flirty immediately, whilst also make you feel like you are playing dress up. Also they always gain tones of attention! So my advice of the day is, you don’t always have to go all out with what you’re wearing. Keep it simple, all black always works, and add a statement piece in for a fun and chic


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